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mercredi, 29 juin 2011

Woman with Hat and Feather Boa

Woman with hat and feather boa.jpg
Woman With Hat and Feather Boa
Gustav Klimt, 1907

Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite painters for years. I have a special love for the painting Woman with Hat and Feather Boa as it is quite atypical to his usual work (mostly with a small piece of naturalism surrounded by texture and ornament).

Here I like the contrast between light and darkness, the static (of the deco) and the movement of her hat and eyes.

I find the lady really peaceful yet classy. Just like my mood these days !

Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918)
The Klimt Collection
iKlimt - The Life and Work of Gustav Klimt

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Woman with Hat and Feather Boa... I like :)

Écrit par : milakory | vendredi, 25 novembre 2011

J'aime :)

Écrit par : Julia Martin | mardi, 24 janvier 2012


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