mardi, 09 janvier 2007

I have been tagged but…

won’t proceed !

I have been tagged by both Tattum and Vola to share "5 things you did not know about me"… but I apologize as I will bypass my turn this time. Mainly for the reasons that Tattum mentions on her own post, but which did not hold her from doing it though :P

I don’t have the feeling of talking about the so-called Me, Myself and I… Actually I don’t have it at all at the moment. I know the blogging area is anyone’s own space and should be THE place to exhaust our self-centeredness and egotism. But I guess I will always be reluctant to see things this way. Such are things for me and I regret the few times I talked about my stuff.

I am not putting anybody on trial or even criticize any other’s blog. Just wanted to say I currently don’t see things the same way.

Once again, I apologize.

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